So you’re in need of legal services right? Well, you’ve landed on the right page! 

Dwight Daley LLB (Hons) is a professional Attorney-at-Law who studied at the University of the Technology (UTECH). During his career, he provided his expertise to numerous individuals and entities and aided them in winning their legal battles as well as claiming their rightful assets.


Choose A Lawyer That's Professional & Confidential!

Outstanding Services

You can count on Dwight Daley to deliver the highest quality services. Every client is dealt with on a personal level to ensure the best results!


A lawyer that highly respects every client while also ensuring that they are comfortable to discuss any matter that requires legal attention.


Legal services can be expensive, however, you will never have to think twice about fees when you choose DFDlegal services.

Legal services are not difficult to find, that’s not the problem today. However, how often do you come across confidential, successful and professional legal services? That’s why DFDLegal stands out, because Dwight Daley is a cut above the rest! His expertise and experience is first class. This means that you can expect the highest quality legal services, while not worrying about whether you will be successful or not.  Stop running around, DFDLegal has you covered from start to finish! Your legal matters are in good hands!


What Services Do You Offer?

DFD  offers a wide range of legal services including but is not limited to: Conveyance, Probate/Administration and Matrimonial Matters. Check out the services section of this website to learn more. 

Do I Have To Pay To Receive A Quote?

Not at all! You can contact us by visiting the contact section to receive a free quote. You can also contact us directly by following the links to our social media pages at the top of this website.

If I Use Your Services, Will I Win My Case?

There’s never a guarantee that a lawyer will win a case since there are numerous factors involved; however, you can be confident that DFDLegal will use  previous experiences, expertise and knowledge to get the best results for you!